Combined radiation and temperature test

Combined test setup

HCP306HV hot/cold plate of 150mm x 150mm dimensions

  • LN2 pumping system w/10L LN2 dewar to be used as a portable system
  • mK1000U temperature controller unit with a temperature range of -100°C to +200ºC
  • Vacuum chamber allowing vacuum conditions of 1E-3mbar with lid cover and 100mm viewing window. Compatible with space vacuum conditions (1E-6 mbar) if placed inside a larger vacuum chamber (with the lid cover removed)
  • Electrical/optical feedthroughs for monitoring during testing
    • RF SMA connectors up to 26 GHz
    • HV up to 10 KV
    • Fibers and optical interfaces
Combined radiation and cold temperature

Combined radiation and cold temperature

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