Drones at the Sant Miquel Agricultural Fair – Lleida

The Drones will star in the Agrarian Fair of Sant Miquel (Lleida)

Drones en la feria

Drones at the Agricultural Fair thanks to the association LleidaDrone will be responsible for highlighting the importance of drones for the agricultural sector within the framework of the Agricultural Fair of Sant Miquel, Lleida, from September 27 to 30, and which brings together the agricultural sector in order to highlight, among other things, the main advances in machinery and innovative methods.

Among the programmed activities related to drones are a series of demonstrations, specialized attention for visitors interested in the subject, initiation sessions, and the presentation of the Dronecoria project, which is a program aimed at the reforestation of burned forests using a dron that has already obtained a great international recognition.


Drones en la feria

This initiative has been presented in many countries and has won several awards abroad. This program incorporates as a payload in drones different containers containing seeds and microorganisms which are thrown into areas previously devastated by natural disasters such as fires or earthquakes.

This presentation will take place on Friday, September 28, in which this project will be described in detail, as well as its scope, background and history.

Finally, it is worth noting the great importance that RPAS / drone technology is acquiring in relation to the management of agricultural and forestry resources. Therefore, Lleida seeks to be a pioneer in forestry applications not only at the national level but also worldwide.
Drones en la feria

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