La Xunta de Galicia will invest 1.2 million Euros in Drones

La Xunta de Galicia has just announced through its economic, employment and industry advisor Francisco Conde that it will tender a contract for the development of surveillance drones for the Galician mountains for a maximum of 1.2 million euros. Specifically, this public contest has as its main objective to cover the needs related to the control of security bands and the fight against pests.

Xunta de Galicia

This project is linked to the polygon of Rozas and a new phase of development in which it is intended to accommodate not only large companies in the sector but also small and medium through new contests and innovative tenders.



It is worth noting that, La Xunta Gallega, attracted more than 10 million euros of investment in RPAS / drones technology last year, creating, as a consequence, more than 100 new jobs.

Additionally, it should be taken into account that the forestry sector generates around 12% of the industrial employment of the entire Galician Community, which means an occupation of approximately 70,000 people and an export level approaching one billion euros.

In the words of the Conde, it is an “important sector, a strategic sector that generates employment, employment linked to the rural environment”, and that there is a need to continue working so that the new jobs generated in the future of the sector are “of quality” and able to give “response to the needs” that are perceived “in technological matter for the modernization of forest fabric”.

Xunta de Galicia

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the Xunta Gallega began more than a year ago the consultations and activities related to the “UAV Initiative”, which seeks to encourage the development of R & D activities with drones in the Galician Community and that has an important investment in the sector.

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