Safety IEC EN60950

Insulation & Dielectric Stress Tests

Alter Technology is accredited by ENAC to perform Safety Test of Information Technology Equipment (IEC/EN 60065:2002/ A1:2006/A2:2010/A11:2008/A12:2011).

Safety IEC EN60950

We have the necessary experience and qualification to carry out other safety tests according to several international safety standards like those for Laboratory Equipment (EN 61010-1:2010), Electromedicine Equipment (EN60601-1:2006/ A11:2011), Audio and Video equipment (EN60065: 2002/A1:2006/A2:2010/A11:2008/ A12:2011).

The purpose of safety tests is to assess all risks and hazards of the equipment that might cause injury to the operator or service personnel.

Safety IEC EN60950 Testing


  • Electric shock and hazardous energy: insulation, earthing, distances, electric strength
  • Ignition and fire spread: materials and fire enclosure requirements
  • Mechanical hazards: stability, drop, impact, openings, sharp edges and corners, etc.
  • High temperature hazards: hot points and critical components
  • Chemical and radiation hazards
  • Flammability classification (plastic materials V0, V1, V2, 5V, HB, HBF-1 and HF-2)
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