TID DD reliability prediction method

A method of space radiation environment reliability prediction

A method of space radiation environment reliability prediction

  1. Space radiation environment is an important failure causing factor in space vehicles.

     2. Traditional reliability prediction method did not include the space radiation environment reliability..

3. It’s the time to set up a method of space radiation environment reliability prediction.

QunyongWang,  DongmeiChen,  HuaBai, PhD Beijing San-talking Testing Engineering Academy Co., Ltd.  (STEA)

Space radiation environment effects

Main failure modes

Single Event Effect (SEE)
– SEE reliability prediction method
– SEE is an instantiate effect, only happens
during power on time of the sensitive
– SEE failure rate prediction method under
radiation stresses.
TID/DD reliability prediction method
– Sensitive devices TID/DD failure distribution—lognormal
Intrinsic radiation resistance—failure distribution parameters

Case study

Assume satellite to be launched in 2015,GEO,T=12 Y.
• Mission space radiation stresses: TID 69.8krad,
LET spectrum in figure 1 on full document.
• Key sensitive device: SRAM-FPGA,TID/SEU sensitive
• Ground test: 60Co TID, LINAC Heavy ion SEU

λTID prediction 

FPGA failed TID test data

• λ SEE prediction



• Based on space radiation failure mechanism and statistical characteristics, a method of space radiation environment reliability prediction is setup upon failure physics, which expands the application domain of reliability prediction.
• To be applied on reliability design for future space vehicles.

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