JARUS Certification Specification for Light Unmanned Rotorcraft Systems

Certification Specification for Light Unmanned Rotorcraft Systems (CS-LURS)

Book 1, Subpart A – General

CS-LURS.1 Applicability
This airworthiness code is applicable to Light Unmanned Rotorcraft Systems with Light Unmanned Rotorcraft maximum certified take-off weights not exceeding 750 kg.
For the purposes of CS-LURS the Light Unmanned Rotorcraft is a conventional helicopter.
In operational terms, applicability of this airworthiness code is limited to all DAY/NIGHT VFR Visual Line Of Sight Operations and excludes all human transport, flight into known icing conditions, and aerobatics.


Book 1 Subpart B – Flight

CS-LURS.21 Proof of compliance
Each requirement of this subpart must be met at each appropriate combination of weight and center of gravity within the range of loading conditions for which
(a) By tests upon a rotorcraft of the type for which certification is requested, or by calculations based on, and equal in accuracy to, the results of testing; and
(b) By systematic investigation of each required combination of weight and centre of gravity, if compliance cannot be reasonably inferred from combinations investigated.

Certification Specifications for Light Unmanned Rotorcraft and Aeroplane Systems (CS-LURS and CS-LUAS, respectively) offers a set of requirements from the design phase until the flight test of a prototype or end-system. Some local government entities are considering these documents as a main reference to develop a main of compliance for a determinate aeronautic certification.

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