JARUS CS-LUAS Recommendations for Certification Specification for Light Unmanned Aeroplane Systems

This JARUS-CS-LUAS Recommendation ultimately aims at providing recommendations for States to use for their own national legislation, concerning Certification Specification for Light Unmanned Aircraft Systems. The recommendations presented in this JARUS-CS-LUAS Recommendation document represents the culmination of best practices and procedures used in prior RPAS approvals, as well as input from JARUS-WG-3 (Airworthiness) expert members.


Edition Number : Edition 0.3
Edition Date : November 2016
Status : Final
Intended for : Publication
Category : WG approved
WG : 3

Certification Specifications for Light Unmanned Rotorcraft and Aeroplane Systems (CS-LURS and CS-LUAS, respectively) offers a set of requirements from the design phase until the flight test of a prototype or end-system. Some local government entities are considering these documents as the main reference to develop a main of compliance for a determinate aeronautic certification.

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