Solar Orbiter ESCCON 2016

COTS validation for Solar Orbiter project ESCCON 2016

Presentation on COTS validation for Solar Orbiter project prepared jointly by ESA (Silvia Massetti) and ALTER TECHNOLOGY. The presentation session took place in ESTEC during the European Space Components Conference ESCCON 2016 on the 2nd of March 2016.

Solar Orbiter COTS Alter TEchnology

Alter Technology played a fundamental role in offering technical advisory, minimizing the use of non standard parts and provided the necessary flexibility and expertise in the tests performance and execution of evaluation activities on COTS parts.

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Noordwijk 1st to 3rd March 2016

Overview of Solar Orbiter CPPA contract

  • Statistical data
  • Evaluation and screening test flow
  • Technical experience and lesson learnt:
    • Case  #1: issue of lack of verified data in data sheet
    • Case #2: CSAM failures and delamination issues
    • Case #3: Retinning process and solderability issue
    • Case #4: OTS complex device (identification of critical materials, components and production processes)
    •  Case #5: Low temperature application
    • Case #6: lack of manufacturer awareness of product capability and performances

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