DREAM PROJECT: Safe Inspections with Drones

As a member of the consortium between the companies Cemosa, Cualicontrol, Rovimática and Ingemont, and the European technology centres Tecnalia and FADA-Catec, Alter Technology participates in the project carried out by Elimco Aerospace, called Dream.

The objective of the project is the development of an application with drones to increase safety in the inspection of infrastructures, as well as their maintenance, both in the civil and industrial fields.

The characteristics of the drones to be used allow inspection and maintenance tasks to be carried out in open-air spaces requiring very short distances or even contact. This new utility offered by drones in the infrastructure safety sector, reduces maintenance costs, and is a qualitative leap not only to ensure more accurate results, but also increases the level of automation in this type of work.


As Elimco explains: This system will be particularly useful in the civil engineering sector and in electrical and petrochemical infrastructures, which, due to their own characteristics, require great precision in their maintenance operations”.

As specialists in the field, our Alter Technology experts actively contribute to the project by offering their expertise in drone regulation and analysis of standards and functional safety, as well as in conducting specific tests for the types of drones that will fly over the infractures to be inspected.

The project ‘Dream‘, is funded by the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI) through the latest call FEDER Innterconecta.

ALTER TECHNOLOGY as a specialist in the field actively contributes to the projects by offering its support in Drone regulation, standardization, and exploitation; as well as in the analysis of rules and functional safety. Moreover, it also participates in the performance of specific tests for the types of drones that flew over the infrastructures to be inspected. Two of ALTER TECHNOLOGY’s most significant projects in the drone sector are TRACE and DREAM. We invite you to read a little about them and download the brochure to learn more about the contribution of both projects to the drone industry and who was involved in them.   


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