Radiated RF Electromagnetic Field Immunity Test

Alter Technology is accredited by ENAC to perform radiated immunity tests in accordance with 345/LE 808 accreditation

Basic standard EN 61000-4-3.

The objective of these tests is to to assess the ability of the EUT (Equipment Under Test) to operate as intended by applying amplitude modulated signal (1kHz – 80%) to the enclosure, power and signal ports of the EUT. The frequency is swept from 10 KHz to 18 GHz.

  • Test field strength: up to 50 V/m


radiated electromagnetic field immunity test

Radiated electromagnetic field immunity test

The laboratory has the capacity of carrying out other tests, not covered by the accreditation,  up to 18GHz and 60V/m.

The laboratory disposes of the following equipment to perform these tests:

  • RF generators, amplifiers and power meters
  • Electric field probes
  • GTEM (Gigahertz Transverse ElectroMagnetic)
  • Semi-anechoic chambers
  • Transmission antennae

radiated electromagnetic field immunity software

The software package developed by the laboratory allows performing the following tasks:

  • Selection of measurement equipment
  • Previous calibration of the system
  • Radiated immunity tests
  • Measurements on the EUT at each frequency step of the sweep
Julian Gallego