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– RADLAB Gamma Radiation Laboratory
(Our new Cobalt-60 Radiation facility)

A recognized Centre of Excellence for ESA and DLA (USA) for radiation testing.
Approved service provider to O.E.M.’s and Space Agencies worldwide.

Radiation Testing

Radiation (ionizing and nonionizing) effect is one of the main factors affecting the reliability of equipment and systems operating in space. However, there is also a growing interest for it in other technological fields such as avionics, high energy physics, automotive industry, nuclear industry, etc.

Radiation degrades EEE components and generates device perturbations that could lead to its malfunction or destruction. These effects are highly dependent on the radiation type: gamma radiation, heavy ions, protons, etc., but also on the device technology, the manufacturing lot and the working conditions.

ALTER TECHNOLOGY provides in-house radiation testing services which include test samples preparation, program and test board development as well as results reporting.

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