Receiving Inspection is an acceptance activity aimed at confirming that the components received are in accordance with the requirements of the applicable purchase order.

Our inspectors verify all raw materials by reconciling the purchase order requirements with the packing slip provided by the supplier in terms of:

  • Parts identification (marking)
  • Quantity verification
  • Packing checking
  • Date code or special restrictions
  • Documentation review, especially the manufacturer’s Certificate of Compliance

We offer our customers a wide range of options to select from, depending on their project needs and their budget allocation, particularly focusing on the processing time-to-cost ratio.

Receiving Inspection

Upon acceptance, the inspector signs off the job card and enters the results in the inspection log.

Additional testing can be considered whenever a higher degree of confidence is required or special characteristics need to be validated at the earliest possible stage, which is particularly indicated for critical components. Heritage and previous experience with the manufacturer/supplier is a key factor in determining the level of inspection. Among others, the additional testing can include:

  • Solderability test
  • Electrical measurements
  • Physical dimensions and weight
  • Datapack review

This inspection can be replaced by Final Source Inspection performed at the manufacturer’s before the delivery of the parts.

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