optoelectronic Integrating sphere detector

Dedicated Testing Resources for Photonic Devices

Evaluation of new technologies for harsh environment – Photonics

Testing Resources

  • Clean area with a laminar flow chamber (class 100)
  • Optical table with vibration stability
  • ESD free area
  • 1064 nm, 1310 nm and 1550 nm lasers with a modulation option of up to 20 GHz
  • Integrating sphere (250 – 2500 nm) and detectors
  • Spectrum analyser (600 – 1750 nm, resolution 20 pm)
  • Return Loss & OTDR analyser
  • Optical attenuators and splitters
  • Monochromator (180nm – 2200nm & 2000 nm – 12000nm)
  • Translation and rotation positioners
  • Climatic chambers (thermal shock -185º to +300ºC , life, etc…)
  • Mechanical test system (pull, push, torsion)

Table M-RS3000-48 (120cm x 240cm)

Specific Testing Resources Photonics Table optoelectronic resources

Surface flatness: < ±0.1mm over 600mm

Table VH3036 (75cm x 90cm)

test optoelectronic resources

Clean area optoelectronic resources (better than ISO-5 or class 100)

Specific Testing Resources Photonics Clean Area Testing optoelectronic


controller driver Newport XPS

  • Motion controller driver Newport XPS
    •  1-8 axes motion controller

Motorized Actuators LTA HS

Rotation stage Newport

  • Rotation stage Newport PR50CC
  • Range: 360º
  • Resolution: 0.01”
  • Accuracy: <0.1”

Tunable Lasers

Agilent 8168F

  • Agilent 8168F
    • Ouput FC/APC
    • Tunable from 1450 to 1590nm
    • Optical power -20dBm to 9.9dBm


    • Polarization maintaining
    • Output FC/APC
    • Optical power 6dBm to16dBm
    • Line width < 100kHz
    • Tunable to any wavelength from 1527.604 to 1567.135nm
    • 1MHz step size fine tuning

Laser characterization Specific Photonics Testing Resources

Specific Testing Resources Photonics Thorlabs PRO8000 mainframe  Thorlabs-LDC-8010 Thorlabs-MLC8200AG  Peltier control

  • Thorlabs PRO8000 mainframe
  • Thorlabs LDC 8010 board (up to 1A and photodiode detector)
  • Thorlabs TED8080 (Peltier control up to 8A)
  • Thorlabs MLC8200AG (16 Lasers up to 200mA)

Laser characterization

  • Keithley precision power supply
    • 2635A (1fA, 10A pulse)

Keithley Precision

  • Keithley precision power supply
    • 2410A (1100V, 1 A)

Laser Characterization Keithley

  • Keithley precision power supply
    • 2602A (1100V, 1 A, 2 channels)

Optical spectrum analyzer MS9710C

Optical spectrum analyzer

  • Wavelength accuracy: 20 pm.
  • Dynamic range: 42 dB (70 dB with an accuracy of 1nm).
  • 600 nm – 1700nm.
  • Optical sensitivity: -90dB.

Wavelength Meter and Laser Spectrum Analyzer Bristol 721A

Specific Testing Resources Photonics Wavelength Meter Laser Spectrum Analyzer

  • Wavelength range: 1300 to 5000nm.
  • Wavelength meter accuracy: ± 0.2ppm (0.2pm at 1000nm).
  • Spectral resolution: 6 GHz
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