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This engineer service, focus in radiation in electronic devices, shows a Test Vehicle TID radiation. In order to advance the report, a few conclusion had been made by our expertise team. First, is the diffusion lots, the two ones under TID behave the same. They are homogenous which confirms there is no process dispersion.

The Aerospace and Electronic Businees Unit is part of the Hirex Engineering, one of the Companies within the Alter Technology, owned by TÜV NORD.

We can observed that no functional failure observed during the test and after annealing.

In IOs (LVDS, BIDIR and I2C): No drift out of specification was observed up to 300 krads (Si). Cold Sparing far below 100 nA max specification. Cold spare LVDS IO operates at 2.5V up to 650 Mbps.

The lock time measurements: An increase lower than 1% was observed on this parameter. The worst case “Lock time” drift was observed on one biased sample with a time lock decrease of maximum 4%,

i.e. from 38.1μs to 36.9μs after 300 krads (Si).


The total Jitter measurements: No drift out of specification was observed up to 300 krads (Si).  An increase of maximum 2% was observed on this parameter.  The worst case drift was observed on biased samples with a total jitter increase of 8% from 306ps to 322ps.

Overall the PLL1201 is fully immune to TID at the maximum cumulated dose, here set to 300 krads (Si).

Frederic Tilhac obtain his Ph. D. in Electronic, Electrothecnic and Automation in 1988. Hirex Engineering .

Test VehicleTID radiation test 

PIRADVAL Analog test-chip blocksTest Vehicle for TID radiation test

  • Space desogn and technology platform derived from a commercial CMOS 65 nm including hardened library.
  • PIRADVAL Analog test-chip maijn blocks

PIRADVAL TID test campaigns

  • 2 x TID test campaigns performed
  • TID testing perfomed at UCL

Test Vehicle for TID radiation test

PIRADVAL test setupTest Vehicle for TID radiation test

Cold Sparing Characterization Results

Based on several ESA studies and recommendations a device that embeds a cold sparing capability should present a minimum of 1M ohms impedance on its IO. Therefore the method consists in measuring and observing the leakage current while the device is not power up on different los, sourcing on these pins a nominal voltage of 1.2V.

Download or read the full report here

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