Bakeout and very Extreme temperature Testing Facilities

The updated facilities comprises:

 8 cryogenic chambers with a temperature range from -195ºC to +400ºC and ramps up to 40ºC/min. Dimensions up to 90x50x35cm.

  • Several vacuum space simulators developed in-house that can achieve a pressure below 10-7mbar within a temperature range from -195ºC to + 250ºC.
  • Additional 4 ovens up to 400ºC.
  • An additional dedicated climatic chamber for humidity testing covering -70 to + 150ºC and huminity control.
  • Thermal vacuum bakeout for “contamination sensitive hardware” including TQCM measurements under ISO 3 clean room conditions
  • Additional features:

                – Multiple feedthrough connectors to allow on line monitoring and power up including characterization of optical, electrical and RF parameters.

                                – Custom thermal profile is available through dedicated in-house Labview® based software.

                                – Total in-house management of all activities (boards design & manufacturing, biasing circuitry, testing, measurement, reporting, etc.).

                               – Availability of remote online test monitorization.

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