New test methodologies

Combined Vacuum Temperature and Motion

Life test in vacuum on microswitchesNew test methodologies

Specific test development including external motion vacuum feed-though with controlled displacement

Continuous monitoring of Electrical characteristics and temperature.

  •  Motion Cycles: > 500.000 cycles
  • Temperature: -165°C

Combined strain and extreme temperature

Evaluation of Strain Gages

Load Tester coupled to a climatic chamber with a custom extension.

New test methodologies

Combined radiation and cold temperatureNew test methodologies

  • Hot/cold plate of 150mm x 150mm dimensions
  • LN2 pumping system w/10L LN2 dewar to be used as a portable system
  • Temperature Range from -100ºC to + 200ºC.
  • Vacuum conditions ( 1E-3mbar) with lid cover, with 100mm viewing window.
  • Several Electrical / Optical Feedthroughs to monitoring during test.

New test methodologies

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