Radiation Test to study the radiation tolerance – ASIC for DAMPE Mission

Radiation Test to study the radiation tolerance and mitigation methods of front-end readout ASIC for DAMPE Mission

Talk summary:

VA160 and VATA160 are used as front-end readout ASICs in the payloads of DAMPE. Both Laser pulse test and heavy ion beam test were conducted to get the SEL tolerance of the ASICs.

Laser test was performed firstly to quality the SEL sensitivity because it is easy and ready at all times. Heavy ion beam teat was executed secondly to quantify the SEL tolerance of the ASICs.

Test results shows that there is about 0.4 SEL event a year for one chip and about 3 events a mouth for the system. Current limitation circuit was designed to mitigate the SEL damage and was validated in Laser pulse test.

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DAMPE Mission


Hongmin Liu received his B.S. in semiconductor physics from Nanjing University (1987), a
M.S.EE from University of science and technology liao Ning (1996), and a Ph.D in physics
electronics form Institute of electronics, Chinese academy of sciences (2003).
He is the director of the reliability laboratory  in National Space Science Center,  Chinese
academy of sciences, working on space parts assurance, including screening, qualification,
DPA,  radiation tolerance  test, and failure analysis.
He involves in a lot of Chinese space sciences projects, such as double-stars, Chang-E, space
station, Mars exploration, DAMPE, Quantum communication, Hard X-ray telescope, and so on.