The Chair Alter Technology – University of Seville is established to promote collaboration between the University of Seville and our company, to develop, in the field of electronic components, both academic activities, research and related topics.

  • The main objective of this Chair is the promotion of interdisciplinary teaching and research activities that study the reality, problems and perspectives of the development of new strategies and technologies linked to electronic components and associated microelectronic technologies. The applications of these works are of high reliability and in severe environmental environments, including for example applications in space.
  • The Chair will also promote a corporate culture in university students through the formation of different aspects related to the organization, culture and values ​​within the company. To do this, it is planned to develop training programs and research tasks that contribute to improving the training of these subjects among the students of the University of Seville.

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Visit to the facilities of Alter Technology

Alter Technology, ofrece a los alumnos de la Universidad de Sevilla, la visita guiada a sus instalaciones, nuestra historia, las actividades que se realizan y los proyectos en los que participamos, describiendo los perfiles curriculares más demandados.

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