Design of a test system in reed switches for space applications

The objective of this project is to design a polyvalent test set-up for a wide spectrum of magnetic switches similar to REED SWITCH ORD211 from the manufacturer OKI, to be used in space applications.

A “Reed Switch” or switch tongue is an electrical switch activated by a magnetic field. When the contacts are normally open they close in the presence of a magnetic field; when they are normally closed they open in the presence of a magnetic field.

The project is a continuation of the first conceptual phase, currently being validated by the European Space Agency, improving current benefits.

With this new version it will be possible to parameterize the test conditions from an external console, activating and deactivating the “swithch” and measuring its electrical characteristics, being able to characterize the devices automatically without the need to manipulate the pieces. This will also allow the realization of these verifications in diverse environmental environments.

Final Degree Project or Master

Reference: DUT001/2017

Link with other activities:

This project is part of the development of the laboratory for the characterization of electronic components for space use.

Characteristics / Candidate Profile

Knowledge is required – experience in:

  • Component electronics
  • Laboratory instrumentation and GPIB protocol
  • Labview
  • Design of PCBs


During the first week of the project Alter’s tutor will give specific training on the development of the first phase and define the specific scope of the deliverables associated with this second phase of the project, based on the experience of the candidate and their familiarity with the tools of work required.

During this first phase, the candidate will complement to the necessary extent the documentation that has been generated in phase 1, as well as the requirements and scope of the second phase.

The project will end with an operative set-up, functional and validated by the tutors and documented in the required detail so that it could be the basis of a maintenance plan for the application if necessary.

Time Limit / Expected result

Time Limit:
It is expected that this second phase of development will take 4 to 8 weeks of work, and that the deliverables will be approved by the tutors at the end of the project.

Expected result

  1. Manufacturing validation of a characterization set-up
  2. Generation of the documentation associated with deliverable # 1.
  3. Identification of improvement areas in case new versions were required.


Universidad de Sevilla:    Fernando Muñoz / Rogelio Palomo

Alter Technology:   Javier Galnares

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