Design of a mechanical switching system of Microswitches

The objective of this project is to design a set-up for the automatic mechanical switching of micro-switches of type 11HM30REL of Honeywell, T3LGDS of ABB Control, or similar in order to carry out reliability tests and propose the best candidates for future missions spatial

The Micro-Switches are devices that serve to allow, interrupt or switch the passage of electric current in a circuit or installation. It consists of a body, terminals / contacts and a button-actuator element.

The main applications in the space the Micro-Switches are the detection of position and end of stroke of mechanical elements.

11HM30REL Honeywell

For the implementation of the solution, it will be based on the results obtained in the first phase of the project in which a motorized camshaft with step control was designed, which allowed selecting the pressure, speed and time profile in which it was carried out. commutations in each micro-switch.

Final Degree Project or Master

Reference: DUT002/2017

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This project is part of the development of the electronic characterization area of ​​the Hiter Laboratory of Alter Technology.

Characteristics / Candidate Profile

Knowledge is required – experience in:

  • Component electronics
  • Laboratory instrumentation
  • Generic knowledge of engines and mechanics
  • Labview


During the first week of the project, Alter’s tutor will give specific training on a specific case, which will allow the student to limit the scope of the project based on the experience of the candidate and their familiarity with the work tools required.

The results of this project will serve as validation of the set-up that is designed in this new development.

The project will end with an operative set-up, functional and validated by the tutors and documented in the required detail so that it could be the basis of a maintenance plan for the application if necessary.

Time Limit / Expected Result

Time Limit: It is expected that this project will take 4 to 8 weeks of work, depending on the candidate’s experience and that the deliverables will be approved by the tutors at the end of the project.

Expected result

  1. Design and manufacture of a mechanical switching system.
  2. Generation of the documentation associated with deliverable # 1.
  3. Identification of improvement areas in case new versions were required.


University of Seville:    Fernando Muñoz / Rogelio Palomo

Alter Technology:   David Mejías

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