Development and validation of a set-up for the electrical characterization of a transceiver of the DS16F95 type.

The objective of this project is to define and design an evaluation board for the complete characterization of the dynamic parameters as they are defined in the National Semiconductor datasheet for this product.

The project would be the first phase of evaluation of a complete project of radiation characterization of all AC and DC parameters for use in space environment.


Characteristics / Candidate Profile

Knowledge is required – experience in:

  • Design of high speed plates.


During the first week of the project Alter’s tutor will give specific training on the project objective and the measurement and instrumentation requirements required for the measurements, as well as an advanced course on the management of Altium.

Once the candidate has adapted to the work tools and the requirements of the measurement set-up, he will design and send to manufacture the first version of the board. While it is received:

  1. It will analyze if the flanks of the signals generated by the available instrumentation meet the requirements of the test.
  2. Otherwise, it will design a specific pulse generator for this purpose.
  3. Finally locate a socket that is compatible with this type of stockings to be used in an upgrade version of the plate where the component instead of going welded will be interconnected through this interface.
  4. The project will end with a functional plaque, a project report, and the results log.

Time Limit / Expected result

Time Limit: It is expected that this project will take 4 to 8 weeks of work, depending on the candidate’s experience and that the deliverables will be approved by the tutors at the end of the project.

Expected result: . 

  • Functional analysis of requirements.
  • Manufacture of a functional plate.
  • Execution of the characterization measures of the transceiver
  • Technical report of the project.


University of Seville:    Fernando Muñoz / Rogelio Palomo

Alter Technology:   Javier Galnares

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