Displacement Damage Test for Space Application

Experimental Study of Displacement Damage Test for Space Application

Talk summary: In order to evaluated the displacement damage on device induced by energetic particles in
space, various device samples including optocouplers, solar cells, and bipolar transistors are
irradiated with protons, neutrons and γ-rays.

The electrical parameters were measured before
and after irradiation. The degradation induced by different radiation sources is compared and

The test plan is recommended to evaluate device displacement damage for space

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displacement damage radiation testing


Yu Qingkui graduated in Semiconductor Physics and Device at the University of Harbin
Institute Of Technology in 1989. He has been working in China Academy of Space Technology.
His research activity involved the study of failure analysis, radiation effect of semiconductor
devices. He became professor in 2007. He is the author of several China aerospace standards
on electronic components radiation test. He now studies as Visiting Scholar in Padova