System In Package

The semiconductor industry requires higher levels of integration, lower costs and greater functionality to meet the demands of consumer and industrial products.

System in Package incorporates a number of integrated circuits in a single package in a way that maintains the demanding form factor requirements.

Alter Technology UK, offers customers support in both prototype/process development for their System in Package (SiP) requirements as well as volume manufacturing capability. By prototyping on the volume manufacturing tool-set Alter Technology UK, can offer a risk-free transition to manufacturing with a fully optimised and high yield process. A summary of our capabilities can be seen below;

Thin wafer and die handling

  1. Dicing of thin wafers (>100µm)
  2. Handling of thin die (e.g 50u thick, 15mm x 15mm on a side)
  3. Die handling to 250 µm on a side
  4. Die overhang and bonding to unsupported die edges

Stacked die capability

  1. Controlled bond line thickness to reduce the height
  2. Control of post reflow ball height


  1. Low loop heights (less than75µm with 20µm wire diameter)
  2. Reverse bonding (loop heights <50um
  3. Small diameter wire (17u min)
  4. Longer wire bond lengths (~6mm with 25µm wire diameter) Overhang bonds
  5. Die to Die bonding
  6. Variety of wire bond thicknesses to control wire sway.
  7. Stand-off stitch (wire to bump)

Multiple component assembly on a single substrate

  1. Placement and attach of passive components (Saw filters, EMI shields, connectors etc)
  2. Placement and attach of MEM’s, Opto and Mechanical components with active microelectronic components
  3. Double-sided board assemblies

Various die technologies (Si, GaAs, SiGe, SOI, MEM’s, InP, GaN)

Alter Technology UK, expertise and capability in System in Package assembly will reduce risk and reduce time to market for your System in Package requirements as well as providing a cost-effective manufacturing option.

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