From Alter Technology, we are pleased to be able to offer to all our customers a series of totally specialized services, with the latest technologies and always looking to offer them an experience that is productive both in time and economy.


We offer the only tool of HI-REL Parts for Space,, where the selection of components and all their information is locatedon the same platform.

What can we find in doEEEt?

Small Satellitesfig

Parts selection based on:

  • New technologies
  • Mass production
  • Low cost
  • Higher performance
  • Low (no) heritage


Parts approach requiring technical analysis

risk assesment

Packaging design

PACKAGING  DESIGNPackaging design

As a group, Alter Technology makes available to our customers a specialized packaging engineering in co-work in Optocap.

Optocap provides contact package design and precision assembly services for a wide range of optoelectronic, microelectronic and MEMS devices. We offer end to end backend semiconductor manufacturing from wafer singulation to assembled product.

Components testing



  • Risk analysis and management
  • Suppliers selection
  • Manufacturer liaison
  • Cost and schedule estimation
  • Parts procurement and purchasing
  • Dice procurement
  • Export license management
  • Sources inspections (PreCAP, CSI),
  • Follow-up
  • Recovery planning
  • Easy access to information thought an interactive web system

World wide presence with full recognition within the Space Sector.

Learn in detail how Alter Technology works the NEW SPACE through the SMALL SATELLITES.

Demetrio Lopez