Presentation Final Degree Projects

Presentation of two TFG July 12, 2018

Within the framework of the activities of the University Chair Alter Technology – University of Seville, two students of the School of Engineering of Seville have developed their curricular practices in our company and the activities developed have been presented as final degree projects, necessary to complete their practices cycles.

The works carried out have been:

José García Cervera

“Procedimiento de elaboración de ensayos para termistores para aplicaciones de vuelo


Author: José García Cervera

Tutor in Alter Technology: Francisco Javier Aparicio


Ramon José Soldado

“Detección de Sistemas de Monitorización de errores para ensayos de Vibración”.

Author: Ramon José Soldado

Tutor in Alter Technology: Alvaro Ricca


The final evaluation for the students on their works was With Honor.


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