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Conferences and publications.

The following papers are available for consultation, please refer to the contact person for details:

Year Title Link to Read on line / Download
2015 Reliability of Liquid Crystals in Space Photonics
Reliability of Liquid Crystals in Space Photonics.pdf
2014 High Brightness Semiconductor Lasers as Transmitters for Space Lidar Systems Esquivias LIDARParis2014_Extended Abstract.pdf
2014 Testing of Optoelectronic Components for Integration into Space-Oriented Fiber Bragg Grating FOS ISROS_paper 2014_SAAV_FMA_20140515 FINAL.pdf
2014 Fast optical source for quantum key distribution based on semiconductor optical amplifiers 20100726-QTx_FPS-4SOA.pdf
2013 Low Temperature Radiation Test of High Voltage Optocouplers for Space Applications 66440_Barbero.pdf
2013 Opto-mechanical design and assembly of a Sagnac configuration of Entangled Photon Source for space applications: preliminary results ico23_template_Transceiver_final.pdf
2013 Extreme Temperature Characterization of Passive Components 2013 ATN Extreme Temperature Characterization of Passive Components.pdf
2012 SiC Schottky Diodes Reliability Testing for Bepi Colombo SiC Schottky Diodes Reliability Testing for Bepi Colombo Paper for Wide Bandgap Workshop.pdf
2011 Evaluation of the Radiation Hardness of GaSbbased Laser Diodes for Space Applications Esquivias Proceed RADECS.pdf
2010 Optimization and evaluation in space conditions of multi-GHz optical modulators 64669_PORTE_v02_IE+ALK_v3
2010 Photonic Technology in Space Applications: Selection and Acceptance Test Criteria Photonic Technologies Paper for Japan 2010.pdf
2010 Evaluation of 2.1μm DFB Lasers  for Space Applications Paper ICSO_2010 SWIR Lasers v4.pdf
2010 Development of Liquid Crystal Based Adaptive Optical Elements for Space Application ICSO 2010 POE Presentation.ppt
2009 Quantum Transceiver for secure Space Communications Optoel_QTxRx_12_March_2009.pdf
2009 Reliability Assessment of Medium/Large Area PIN SI Photodiodes for Optical Wireless Links for Intra-Spacecraft Communications(OWLS) OWLS – PIN Si Photodiodes.pdf
2008 Evaluation of Optoelectronic Components for Space Applications Evaluation of optoelectronic Components.pdf
2008 Assessment of Commercial Optical Amplifiers for Potential Use in Space Applications ICSO2008 Alter-Thales-UPM Paper.pdf
2006 Evaluation and Qualification of Fibre Pigtailed Lasers for ESA’s SMOS Mission Workshop laser diodes in space (Tecnologica and Contraves).ppt
2006 Single Event Effects. A Test strategy for New Technologies and Nowadays Spacecraft Needs Single Event Effects. A Test Strategy for New Technologies.pdf
2006 Evaluation and Qualification of Commercial Opto-Electronic Componentes for the MOHA subsystem in ESA´s SMOS Mission ICSO2006 Tecnologica-Contraves Papers.pdf


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